Certified Solar Installation Training Course

The Feed-In Tariffs (FITs), and proposed Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) have dramatically increased demand for Solar PV (photovoltaic) and Solar Thermal installations in the UK.

Epogee has offered Approved Installer Solar Certification, accredited by the SSA (Solar Standards Association) and has trained over 3000 installers over the last 6 years - more than any other renewable energy training provider.

Epogee offers training courses in environmental energy. The Solar PV and  Solar Hot Water (Solar Heating) Courses are currently the most popular - suitable for Solar Installers, Heating Engineers, Plumbers and Novices. We also facilitate 'easy MCS' - a low-cost, low-hassle entry option qualifying your customers for FITs.

We regularly run Resettlement Courses for individuals retiring from The Forces (Army/Navy/RAF), retraining for renewable energy installation.

Next Course Dates:

Solar Water Heating
11th March 2014 (Herefordshire) 

Solar Photovoltaics
21st  March 2014 (Herefordshire) 

Wind, Hydro & Heatpump Courses
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**Courses are approved for MCS**

Course places are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. To book a place, please make cheque payable to
Epogee Ltd, and forward to Epogee Ltd, The Drey, Old Dixton Rd, Monmouth, NP25 3SQ. Please remember to include your name and address, and the date you wish to book. As soon as we receive the payment, we will reserve the place for you, and we will send out a confirmation letter which includes directions, a map and a list of overnight accommodation in case it is required. Please note, the training courses, are run from either Bromyard or Oakham (not Monmouth).

Solar courses are £199, but we offer a 25% discount on the 2nd and subsequent places ie £348 for 2 places, £497 for 3 places, £646 for 4 places.

Courses offered

We offer a variety of DIY training courses which will tell you everything you know to set up your own DIY renewable energy scheme.

We also offer a range of courses aimed at the householder or business owner aimed at reducing the amount of energy used by energy-efficiency improvements and by advising on the practicalities of renewable energy
uk-map.jpg implementation in every-day situations.

Recognised Training Certificate

Epogee Courses are accredited by the Solar Standards Association. We are also recognised by LANTRA, and the National Energy Foundation (NEF)


Solar training course are currently run from Oakham and Bromyard, near Hereford, but we do also run training courses on location around the country from time to time.

UK Grant Scheme Slated in the Press (click for details)
Scheme criticised as being a total waste of money. Only 30 certificates issued this year.


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